Just published The Dawnlands Catch

As of tomorrow, 14 July 2014, my first International Thriller will be published on Amazon.  It has taken a year and a half from when the seed of the idea of being serious about writing was planted in my head by my aunt, to the uploading today onto the Amazon KDP site.  

Quite a journey into unchartered waters during which I have found my writer's voice and have discovered that creating a new book is just an amazing experience.

The Dawnlands Catch was started in March of last year and has evolved over the past year and a quarter into a book that I am pleased to publish and sincerely hope that others will enjoy.

The book was finished in April this year, but it has taken a while to go through the sometimes quite painful task of editing and getting the book professionally proof-read.

So now I have no excuses, I need to get on with my next book.  The plans are there and I have started the first chapter.  

Another stage on this exciting journey.