Maria Ruiz International Crime Thrillers


Available on Amazon as a Kindle Ebook and as a paperback

Available on Amazon as a Kindle Ebook and as a paperback

Vulture River is the second

of the Maria Ruiz International

Crime Thrillers.

Who can you trust ?

When FBI agent Maria Ruiz starts to investigate an employee of Randall Hawke, an IT billionaire she had just sent to jail, little does she realise what the personal cost will be.

Following leads through Mexico and down into Guatemala in Central America, her FBI team uncover unexpected links between Randall’s business activities and the Garcia family. However they soon discover that some of these are uncomfortably close to home.

In the end, to bring down the drug traffickers and free a kidnapped American language student, the team have to make extreme sacrifices.

In the second of the Maria Ruiz series Sam Audley explores the multi-faceted complexity of trust between people.


Available on Amazon as a Kindle Ebook and a paperback

Available on Amazon as a Kindle Ebook and a paperback

The Dawnlands Catch is the first Maria Ruiz Thriller.

Highly acclaimed in reviews on Amazon:

'Had to keep reading until the end.'

'Couldn't put it down.'

'Kept me riveted from start to heart pounding climax.'

'Well crafted plot.'


When is an offer too good to be true ?

Tim Edgerton and John Tyler gradually start to suspect that the offer made to them by IT billionaire, Randall Hawke, has a catch, though they do not realise until too late just how deadly it will be for them and their families.

With help from two unexpected sources, FBI Agent, Maria Ruiz, tracks down the links between the kidnapping of a mining company executive in West Africa, the teething problems of a telecommunications joint venture in Singapore and the suspicious deaths of three successful business leaders in the US. 

However, as she uncovers the true targets of the Dawnlands Project, the fatal nature of the catch becomes clear.  To prevent further deaths, Maria and her team have to race against time to prove the extent of Randall Hawke’s involvement.

But in the end, Randall can only be brought to trial if Tim becomes the man his father never thought he could be.


The third novel in the Maria Ruiz series - Storm over Mandalay - will be available late 2016 / early 2017.  

Sam also has other books in the planning stage